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Tire Cord Fabric

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Tire Cord Fabric

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Tire Cord Fabric

Tire Cord Waste are widely used in a lot of field of life, on the other hand, the pollution of scrap rubber & Plastic is increasing for its difficulty in disposing safely.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Nylone Polyester Tyre Cord Fabric

FTC tyre string plant in Taiwan produces Tyre Cord Fabric, Chafer and Conveyor Ducks and is a well-known producer in the world with capability of 4,800 tons per month. The main processes are twisting, weave, dipping and packing.

Suppliers :Chemoplast
Business Type :Trader

Cord Fabric

Nylon Dipped Tyre Cord Fabric is basically used for reinforcement of all types of medium and heavy duty tyres alongwith two wheeler tyres. This fabric is also used for reinforcement of: Pneumatic fenders used as anti-collision device for marine application Rubber Patch for retreading of Tyres High Presure Rubber Hoses.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Tyre Cord

Tyre Cord Warp Sheet . Having strong thread in the warp direction according to its length, our tyre cord is offered in various deniers, counts, thicknesses, and breaking strength.To fulfill our clients’ diverse demands.

Suppliers :SRF Limited
Business Type :Manufacturer

Nylon Tyre Cord Fabric

We are offering our customers a wide variety of nylon tyre string These are second-hand as strengthening for all category of tyres be it cycle, traveler car, light profitable vehicles.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Polyester Tire Cord Fabric

Tire cord fabrics are used as strengthening for all category of tyres - be it cycle, traveler car, light commercial vehicles, heavy profitable vehicles, tractor and off-the-road (OTR) tyres. It has the entire range of textile strengthening including wicking and non-wicking chafer for heavy-duty tyres and tubeless radial tir..

Business Type :Importer, Trader, Exporter

Tire Cord Fabric

Tire Cord Fabric is obtainable with high breaking stubbornness, high modulus, low reduction, good creep-resistance and dimensional stability. Tire Cord Fabric is one of the most excellent strengthening materials for semi-steel radial tire

Business Type :Trader, Exporter, Manufacturer