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be proper in many cases to make the attempt to restore
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for the superstructure of surgery for which he early
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ruptured and the outer malleolus was displaced from a
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organ in the body shall be deemed suitable to surgical
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an instrument that is bulky inconvenient for ready car
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rotation on all the subjects within the domain of the
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needle he left a long loop before the reintroduction.
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tion preventive medicine has presented its claims with
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with the method of injection of morphine which seems
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strict antiseptic precautions including the spray carbolic
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cases where they are small or by cauterants if larger.
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the use of sponge tents must not be omitted till hard
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it furnishes the most available and reliable form of
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best experts in the country after careful considera
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The second and last point which our space will enable
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cutting or bloody operation of Sims. By it the canal is
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volve the pyramidal tract bundles. With regard to the
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may also occur as is actually the case in acute yellow
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cent principles of hospital architecture. There are 550
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examination is satisfactory he is permitted to register
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committed and lately murder for the single object of
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malformation that we have both hypera mia and hyper
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tion in which aspiration of the aorta accidentally per
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wards of the hospital cases of rare disease or unusual
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ovisac protrudes into the uterine cavity and when the
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hogs affected with the disease known as hog cholera.
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that the previous failure to obtain a cure was as Dr.
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cated that it must contain sulphuric acid. This was
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the neck of the uterus by an elastic ligature regulated
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the Medical Department of the University of the City of
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relies solely upon copious vaginal injections of hot
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of Ferrara who appears to have suffered from hydro
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cial importance and in only a very limited sense has
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would be one of his surest defences that next to the
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of tubercle in the lung as these are too well known.
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he relates smallness of the uterus hypothetical nar
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that one side of the face was paralyzed this was espe
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Draw the foot through the cervi.x so that the breech may
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earlier months with little or ho tendency to aggregate
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vulcanized rubber. must fit perfectly. If of metal
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The Medical News Tmtl ie pleased to receive early intelli
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seen in the one and part in the other showing there
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faculty of medicine of Trinity College was reorganized
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brown fluid. It started from the left broad ligament
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well marked case of poliomyelitis anterior acuta is not
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the patient in the hand of the side operated upon or
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An artery apparently the continuation of this emerges
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butes to his not having been called in quickly enough.
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regular Professor of the Veterinary Institute in this
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or accident and to give a helping hand to the distressed
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would be a more scientific method than the use of iodo
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of synechia. Considering the physiological action of
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without wound of the intestine by a small stilette
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The following plan of operation was followed in all
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atus in the larynx not due to any organic local dis
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committee will save them from a general overhauling
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twenty minutes I left the house expecting to hear of
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merely defining these principles by the more liberal light of this
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in the sections examined. With the exception of the
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includes 171 cases of castration in women suffering
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diuretics and a depleting system of treatment and this
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easily recognized from all of which diagnosis of ulcer
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fold and convincing. By the practical application of
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Medical.Association that medical colleges should con
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There is one point which is worthy of consideration

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