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large irregular ulcer. Tracheotomy was done and the
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chiefly to the paralyzed side. Disregard of the cases
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motor nerves of the tongue but their indirect influence
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the International Medical Congress at Washington im
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cerned this seems to confirm the old belief that mus
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an unavoidable and legitimate part of the business
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bercles. See explanation of these formations in the
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time of Harvey the right side of the heart continues
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backward so that by the ordinary method of operation
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with nienorrhagia. Afterwards the condition is very
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static electricity was used with perfect success to kill
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having now been disposed of it ne.xt became proper to
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doubt existed for many years. He also appreciated the
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trial pursuits the more is it the domain of the liberal
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the germ theory or hypothesis is one of disease and
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usually results from direct or indirect violence is an
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joints became affected micrococci being found in them.
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all the patriots who had taken refuge in his domin
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somewhat different series of changes. Soon after the
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purities in various medicinal substances as follows
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Dr. Weber when he presented the case he supposed the
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faithful exposition of modern ideas and discoveries
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the evil doings of a few the ground for indiscriminate
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ducing or developing microbes or animalcul8e bnt by
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The ninth by law referred to in the above report is
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had treated a number of cases of wounds received in
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still further extended six months on account of sickness.
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The necessity for reform in medical education is un
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has been abolished. Yet it occurred to me that a few
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sort as it affords the best possible means in deep
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its presence to the extent of i iooo part by weight in
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tions and feeling of their fellow citizens and bring
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would if properly applied reveal the presence of al
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Gant F. J. Diseases of the Bladder Prostate Gland and
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administration of the iodide of potassium or of ergot.
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cases of syphilis the first sound was very well marked
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still hanging fire and the great mass of people in the
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relation to the axis of the outlet. The method he has
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four attacks dying in the last. He had had Bright s
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absolutely necessary after being drawn from the cow.
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far as it went he believed to be the best that could have
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account for the origin of tubercle led him to reject
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an hour to obtain the full effect of the remedy. The re
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matter deposited as is the case in subcutaneous injec
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hall we come to the physiological laboratory 45x21
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manner act favorably in similar cases yet neither of
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but have decided this to be the most practical meth
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Now in regard to our results as obtained by its use
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which come under observation. In the details of these
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lower portion of the right border of the heart. The
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physical advantages over those deformed and dwarfed
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students in these courses some instruction in ch lt mistry
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the method applicable in cases where the fistula is
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In Germany they have a law of compulsory vaccination
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the difficulty he discovers does not seem to him to be as he
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quently is not manifested until after the lapse of some
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years of age contained nearly thirty gallons 100 000
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ter and the instrument used for separating the exter
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growth was so mobile as to suggest the possibility of a
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of the fat sugar and ash from the total solids. The
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candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine and
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specific and even questions whether as a remedy it is
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lis every day life from the cradle to the grave seems
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