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directed attention must convince the impartial sur

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Concerning the efficacy of cocaine in the treatment of

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for which purpose he applies a large blister to the epi

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such a business himself For the ten years before this

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Craighill which arrived at that port from Colen on the

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mained in good health up to last July when the inter

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free of any diphtheritic deposit. The actions of the

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The communication between the bladder and divertic

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the strangulated coil of bowel is gangrenous resect it

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for the most part in a fair and impartial spirit and

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The steam atomizers and portable boilers often recom

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on pressure throughout its entire length. The acro

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value of cachexia as corroborative evidence of malig

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passions. Overindulgence in eating and drinking is more

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The lady lived in a distant city and he did not see her

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well informed have no trouble in finding pure articles

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and the microscope was the road and the way to this

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instruments. The majority of practitioners will not use

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the condition on which the enjoyment of the rights is

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the calibre of the cesophagus may be restored to its

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readily diagnosticated. In three weeks the use of the

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different from that applicable to granulations or to

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solution on the tip of the patient s tongue when the

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The operation leaves a biliary fistula just so long as

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trusted friend of the most exclusive families he may

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carry the buttocks down until a foot can be reached.

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following this method sharp clear and distinct vision

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or no change in the size weight or balance of that un

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by Virchow that tumors consisted of cells not differ

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attain is to be sought for in the direction of preventive

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dryish brown red material that remained formed when

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ensued. The patient was then put upon tincture of the

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this is not always necessary to secure a remarkable de

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Dr. David W. Finlay gives a case in the Lancet of a

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and the druggist must in unison adopt that standard.

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anchylosis of the joint was then regarded as a triumph

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changes. That this is not mere speculation was again

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cold. But if the difficult labor is caused by the pre

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made antiseptic occlusion with iodoform cotton also

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as having a specific action in this disease. While it

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my three students made the external perineal opera

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globular body of considerably larger size than when

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henceforth he was known not only as a systematizer of

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malaria of a locality Although the passage of carbon

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Even in such a case the use of the towel or bandage

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causes hence the latter part of the proposition must

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ating the right lobe less fluctuating extended to the

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country will take an honorable part m the labors for

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and then the current ceasing the fragments will re

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municipal corporations or those of the general gov

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gates to the International Medical Congress which is

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tions into practice as far as we know was Berard who

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under the microscope handsome quadrahedral crystals

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rupted by an attack of pneumonia but he made a good

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dence of a useful and unselfish life nor could a more

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mains very evident that the work is not one of a master.

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