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positions of the uterus and good results reported but

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couraged to repeat the operation in similar cases. The

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lated the case of a washerwoman who was subject to epi

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longus muscle was torn and partially separated at its

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good to vaccinate and no doubt prevents the spread of

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ness in alcoholic insomnia in which an agent capable

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or surgery in this State under cover of a diploma unlawfully is

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ward condition occurred in a case of epileptic mania

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trolled the aorta for five or six minutes during Dr.

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ing it as yet established whether the disease is neuralgic

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in the praicordial region is manifest. The head of the

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There are certain cardinal points to be remembered

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generally but who by travel and proper care had been

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which a careful washing is insisted upon after each

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relied chiefly for support of his views expressed his

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the larger European cities but being usually confined

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Ware J. Hints to Young Men on the True Relation of the

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for his own part was still more satisfied with the results

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much difficulty in tracing these diseases to their ini

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early in the morning of suddenly feeing faint this soon

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jequirity the subsequent performance of peritomy was

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of Jersey City O. Coskery of Baltimore Jas. McCann

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to the sacmni and the long arm from the neck to the

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crowded. Influential persons had to go from house to

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If the finger is pressed behind the suprasternal notch.

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tions in regard to medical education have been nuga

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regular Professor of the Veterinary Institute in this

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Our second patient is twenty three years of age and

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ter two visits which was then rapidly convalescing

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possesses little sanitary importance except that it i amp

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position and zeal of these gentlemen that they would rise

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these are the main ones upon which you will be called

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had not had syphilis and the history of malaria was

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gic condition and is not an indication for the operation.

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full and c lear as well as brief. The use of flat face

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It would be especially gratifying to me if the date of

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with its base placed directly upward and the other 1

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tom leaving behind the urine acidified in increasing

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are essentially different articles of the materia medica

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progress of.science as well as its teaching leave the

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engage anew surgeon at a day s notice before sailing.

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Reed. Walter Captain and Assistant Surgeon. GranXei

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a foreign substance urea and this must be got rid of.

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events where the deformity is irreducible should be di

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hazardous experimentation but he cheerfully accepted

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handled provided antiseptic precautions are scrupu

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but varying from a tenth of to twice their size. These

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case the increase being in general terms proportional

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illustrations an article which gives the result of their

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tards digestion while producing a secretion that is

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right side. He had seen it occur once from the pres

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