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of alcohol intoxication or excessive use and ending

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being in the hospitals as clerks and dressers during

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of the organ and it is for this alone that we contend.

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the end of an appreciable time consists of peristaltic

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the first occupant. His success was great at first but he

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acting for the same period was however effective in

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which it was used the effusion promptly disappeared

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that could only be a part of the liver pushed forward

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biceps are most frequently involved in this primary

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ables the operator better to reach the kidney through

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others who gave an account of their experience with

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the left ear. A few weeks subsequently while engaged

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tary Council adjourned. The officers elected for the

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evening October 24th a meeting of citizens was called

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pose you think that sea sickness needs no treatment

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The vesicular structure of the lung was injected through the bronchi

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nation and indifferent or opposed to the employment

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conscious of an unusually rapid action of the heart

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exceptions but one dose in every twenty four hours at

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As strong doses of quinine sometimes produce a col

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them off evenly with the scissors and then sutured as

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order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible remit

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Stephenson William First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon

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Second that if a special tendency to the disease be

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stand that the party claims special or supetior qualifi

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fibres of the orbicularis. The above treatment has been

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show that practically all were eligible by voting for

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ative Therapie der hydronephrosen hat bis jetzt noch

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tapped one four years ago and the other three years

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amination of the products of expectoration often per

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their appearance. The ninth case was the first ope

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which is to hold its first regular annual meeting in

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pages instead of the eighteen pages of the Code of Medi

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naval service. Some of the revelations of these ex

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cases on the other hand having high fever rapid pulse

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It will be seen that two of them have the tubercular

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that no medical college shall receive more than three

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source of the rest is indicated in the table. On ac

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Since the operation she experiences pain for merely two

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any one who is completely master of the departments

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is with medical science with the introduction of exact

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