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of not less than a year and a half s duration must be

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follow the custom of the British Medical Association

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diphtheritic deposit appeared and the whole ward was

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from croup and diphtheria now generally clas.sed to

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University and to the Toronto School of Medicine by

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proof that ovulation may and does occasionally occur

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amend and alter the work of the original committee on

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of Murchison as to typhoid fever are to day the views

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evening October 24th a meeting of citizens was called

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Journal of Obstetrics is published a discussion upon

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who pass are to receive a certificate attested by the

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members constituting this Society. There are others

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nal of the American Medical Association you will find

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himself at one time considered cirrhosis a very fre

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adipose tissue and occasionally hypertrophy of indi

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up to the requirements of the above article of the Code

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state and the amelioration of all the symptoms con

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horribly offensive pus discharged during my presence.

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its normal position. On the following day the depres

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now be tightened and the uterine wound is thus closed

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its special features only in part or be substituted by a

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leading objects and general principles of which shall

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increased Atmospheric Pressure St. Louis Medical and

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As to the rapidity of its action out of 40 patients

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Tosswell L. H. The General Practitioner s Guide to Dis

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meet and discharge his duties to society as a citizen

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