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the gouge or the sharp spoon often gives satisfactory
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congested condition under the influence of over dis
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probably found in a lateral obliquity of the fcetal head
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efficacious as dissolvents and in unilateral cases the
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papillary edge of the iris from the central portion of the
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toms continued severe pain in the abdomen obstinate
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have been for years with the e.xception of neuralgia
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While it is true that the relief is only temporary there
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of the most important factors in brain building and
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been holding its Thirteenth Annual Session in the City of
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sudden in its onset. Fully two thirds of the cases I
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operation straps to bind the leg of the patient to the
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the organization of a meeting which will be so thor
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dency to diseases of the liver and the liver is the main
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tain contact with the divided palate under all condi
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honors of his profession. Nevertheless as in consulta
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wine on condition that they are of good quality and
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nection he referred to a patient now under treatment at
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ing blank card or slip prepared for members applying
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