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in this and in several other severe operations I have
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materials eliminated increases with the rise in tempera
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the cord or vessels and falls short of suppuration the
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sumption of their favorite beverage for early lunch
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inflammation may extend to the alveolar periosteum
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consider that dependent upon disorder of the blood
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heart. The successful treatment of such cases is found
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ease was not contracted in the army but the case was
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alluded would be extremely rare so far as relates to
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in those researches which tend to establish the presence
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culosis. Inversely the presence of bacilli would en
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clamp forceps vhen the cyst wall is strong enough. In
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average practitioner ignores it altogether and has at
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always available the next best method is to use the
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of feces with retention or incontinence of urine. Some
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aboard all vessels coming from any French ports in the
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conditions to undergo certain periods of instruction.
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Censors and will report to the Censors the resul of the
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continues to spread for several days and usually stops
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appreciation than the faithful verbatim reports of the
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quite full and well selected. The editor is Dr. Wil
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bled to protect our patients from the above mentioned
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vis from the pelvis into the ureter or from the ure
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visiting list but a surgical emergency may arise when
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labor the head became wedged apparently between the
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minister to the ailing with the consent and approba
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is the chill of puerperal septicaemia cause or conse
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will be collected together appear to comprise every
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juring the lateral sinus and selected a point some
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to treat both the malformation and the derangements
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links of a chain which not only spans the life of the
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duty as Attending Surgeon at these headquarters vice Major J.
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that gentle consideration for the patient which is ever
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bacilli were in the granular non nucleated portions.
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distress by the hotel people to hurry to my patient.
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hypothesis or logic in the world cannot substitute this
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traces with anything like accuracy is very great and
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ocular muscle is capable of isolated movement under
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iently take the form of a commentary upon the cases
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affected with different diseases. Thomas Bryant reports
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case the history of which Dr. Hyde gave in detail. No
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ity is used all the vessels are filled without produc

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