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sions representing the different forms of phthisis and

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following enlarged prostate. In one of the cases the

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domen was so torn that the intestines protruded from

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even by the heat and nitric acid test if properly and

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servative as I claim to be. I feel grateful to some for

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information from those patients who refuse to say any

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and the druggist must in unison adopt that standard.

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except for the purpose of exciting muscular contraction

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Tracy Roger S. Handbook of.Sanitary Information for House

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covering their stable equilibrium. These causes must

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more rational and relaxed condition of the over stretched

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Then wait for the spontaneous expulsion of the child or

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may feel the distention of the vessel but the same ex

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movements were violent and the cells were diseased

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convinced that it is of but little use in this condition.

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of making and applying plaster of Paris splints and

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only that the urethra was less dilatable in some parts

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