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not only useless but unjustifiable in any disease which

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case of leprosy which he believes to have been cured

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In phthisis it was more particularly in the earlier

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self very efficient with every arrangement necessary

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do not belong to the disease itself or the concomi

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distinct tissues of two distinct origins. The histological

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subpoena and that his testimony can be forced with

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frequently place them between their lips. It is quite

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all the grades of syphilis the greater part were re

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the whole therefore he considered it a very interesting

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ber was required to fill up and sign a clause signify

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cases of scarlatina variola broncho pneumonia etc.

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where crepitant the cut surface showing nothing ab

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term to expire in 1887 J. W. Mitchell term to expire

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injection confers immunity in diverse ways against the

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ancesthetick should be givn to relax the mu.scle as

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infection is an impossible thing. The characteristic

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the treatment of disorders of the digestive organs

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been able to convince himself that the poison passes

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bacilli found were very distinct only one being sit

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given much intelligent attention to climate in the cure

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under great embarrassments for the want of a horse.

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produced by titillation of the fauces. Twenty eight

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regular profession of medicine is concerned we wish

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profession I It would be a struggle for existence in

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hardly assign a reasonable cause for a single symp

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in all these cases are almost if not absolutely identical

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and this Association must set itself strongly against past

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feeling of regret that our friends in these cities should

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So far as is at present known the rash has not been

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amount of vegetable matter in a decaying state. One

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the infectious form is identical with Neisser s gonococ

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ing of the said Society and the same shall be certified to the

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