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both in the belief that your candidate would have opin
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more difficulty until she coughed up through the tube
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ing scale. It suddenly dropped then to one half. It
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wine on condition that they are of good quality and
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tain extent by Dr. Braxton Hicks viz. that the fcetal
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beyond the usual period the cause can often be found
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been deemed worthy of the prize the President of the
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to go to work except he had had a good meal within an
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brought to the field hospital it was discovered that the
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order to impress a just horror in the mind of the of
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been in contact with the patient and disinfect the house
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heart. The successful treatment of such cases is found
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cient to establish the fact that syphilis had been con
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wound repeatedly washed with sulphocarbolate of zinc
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tending Surgeon and Examiner of Recruits Boston Massachu
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make a more lasting impression upon the system than
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the Transactions every year more especially for the
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than left. Isthmus weighed an ounce vermis of cere
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at an early stage or who fa led to have them treated.
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precede the onset of disease are entirely wanting. On
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he considered the cases that the newspapers had pub
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held April 4. The officers are as follows President
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essentially with those of Wagner and Struempell who
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termine whether this periodicity might not be modi
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Thudichum J L. W. On Polypus in the Nose and other Affec
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after a year of work to pass with success the exami
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with the opinion which the American Medical Associa
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turbed neither is the muscular apparatus of the eye
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of yellow softening involving the greater part of the
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opinion it was a constitutional not local affection
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Passauer. die Direktiven f. das Verfahrenvei BekSnipfung der
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the race together but I think now that adulteration
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intrauterine galvanic pessary and that he asserts too
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work hard at both and ends in a muddle pated condi
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be a chancre it was excised a portion as large as a dime
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about the joint cool relieved from reflex excitement
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Utilization of Nutriment The Demand of the Organism
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balance of the circulation. The normal rate of respira
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drastric cathartics is also avoided to a greater or less
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back as was possible with the points of the scissors and
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could not make a diagnosis. The abdomen was opened
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disappeared. Now the functions of the foot seem to be
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occurring in the throat department of the hospital
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toms peculiar to a bad laceration of the cervi.x with
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of fluid were evacuated and the pedicle tied with a
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the same eminent qualities to an equal degree in all
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that the Regulations for the Maintenance of Quaran
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may be of interest to discuss at some future time. At
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to see his friends and seldom spoke of his own dis
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he exercised so marked an influence and his interest
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The concluding portion of Dr. Pancoast s remarks was
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fected by sarcoma could not be favorably entertained
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becomes apparent to any one who has witnessed its ap
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little bearing on the result. The statistics to which he
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letin June 1880 shows that he had then used it in a
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provide the patient with a full sized sound with in
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the study of diseases of the eye and now quite indis
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eye ball closely stillicidium with its accompanying
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lateral it may be painless. A few times I have suc
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to relieve him from the operation of general orders
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CcBsarean section with suture of the uterus and without
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ganized part of the profession and are called delegates
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an inability to walk. Said she had not walked three
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the individual less able to avoid the accidents that
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after the operation which was a very easy one. At the
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If this should occur it will be attended of course by
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those who have been in the profession for more than

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