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if there were no better grounds for their rejection they
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callable of inducing in animals lesions resembling tu
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is to be ruthlessly washed away. As we understand it
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races now peopling this continent. It prevails simul
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outer wound and an artificial anus was established
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number than it was entitled to receive and therefore
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valuable list of essays and discussions by specialists
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of the paralysis from some of the affected parts occurs.
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of the auditory ossicles. Such deafness is peculiar in
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writers just named I believe the laceration to be the
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after the operation but certainly there was no uraemia
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separating it from the artery the latter was wounded
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nosis is reached which necessitates a history of the
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and muscle also yield these products. Some of these
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dies will cure the list of diseases for which these drug
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bolized water. Generally the recovery of the patient
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England relative to offenses against the person re
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sion has been that the carriage and disturbance were
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ration follows the presence of the ligatures and union
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The first part of the question the author answered in
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result from a local action of the poison upon the tissues
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themselves if blood poisoning is prevented. If opera
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was discharged by two stop cocks which also let out
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eight days before from the kidney of a man aged 20
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coats. In view of a contravention of this statement
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would be one of his surest defences that next to the
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vestiges of moles portions of the placenta or foetal
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exploded. He cited the fact that the filthiest cities
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Diday P. Treatise on Syphilis in New bom Children and In
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worse and finally culminated in November in a severe
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tions and at the same time close the opening into the
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His father being a practical printer and editor of a
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Koch uses the simple and direct means but more gen
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to the notice of the Nebraska State Medical Society
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sary for Nervous Diseases it is proposed to commence
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gate further and collate the notes of some of these
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The first method is liable to increase the inflamma
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it was decided to increase the Board of Health by five
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ment of any uniform and satisfactory method of treat
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for invalids suffering from diseases of the respiratory
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exact physiological effects and what do we find to be
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which it is desirable to bring to the notice of the profession.
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I the operation the flow of milk is reduced to almost
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whether there is possessed by any an anaesthetic action
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fession at times in the past and applaud its fidelity to
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lately been sent to him as one of malignant disease.
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prove that injury results from the present sy.stem.
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however to correct the evil practices and bad hygienic
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seemed to him very reasonable. They were that ascen
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heavy receipts are light human nature is frail what
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ed of selling adulterated milk. His practice was he
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Craighill which arrived at that port from Colen on the
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ance is explained by subsequent infection from coha
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fellow alumni have met with a success as physicians
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cological Society held its regular monthly meeting
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had not suffered any pain and up to within a few weeks
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ploration is emphatically one of precision and it is
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until the temperature of combustion is reached which
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culty was encountered in the withdrawal of the head.
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which appeared first indicate the primary lesions and
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to expand it sucks the air out of the glass reservoir
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librarian by the council and striking out certain words
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has been large doses of laudanum given coup sur coitp
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by laws and ethics of the Association as effectually as
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izer as a spray. But the readiest means is to inject
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also renders assistance in the action of passing the
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the Health Officer unless the rags were disinfected
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