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fairly well for three or four days and then the trachea
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ing us that Phimosis is the result of old age. Ridic
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ino in an article on resorcin reports a case of epithe
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the staff of Gen. Jessup acquired personal knowledge
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of the red corpuscles in the blood either directly or
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may be caused by the dislocation itself and its symp
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and farrow cow even if she had better surroundings.
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let his cows go dry from two to three months than to
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eruption is three days but it may last two days longer.
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English in India and in spite of attempts to consolidate
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The following railroads will sell round trip tickets
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Dr. Flint left this question for discussion to Dr. Jane
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dyspnoea tremor and incomplete paralysis of the hind
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well the nature and amount of capital which they had
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Annates de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie his ex
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Now tliat I have attempted to show why we have uric
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tained that the bone had risen spontaneously to nearly
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satisfactory solution of a question or problem proposed
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their power to the fact that they are promptly decom
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the ossification of the sutures and the cessation of the
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large pioneer work in a new country for his profes
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and pointed out the means of distinguishing between
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from letting their names appear in the circulars pros
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while receiving from his earliest ancestors the fine
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merely cases of dysmenorrhoea in single or in married
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proven that the disease of the teeth was the direct
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record required by this act and that the remains of
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it this length of time accnrfe wholly to the milkman
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and more unhealthy than those in the country. Sales
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whose brothers and sisters had died from tubercular
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He was a wise practitioner a skilful obstetrician and
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long experience in the hospitals of Caen Dr. Denis
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now inserts a single strip of the carbolized silk thread
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perform all of the bodily functions is shown by a case
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ceased immediately narcosis lasted longer this time
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the belly which otherwise presented no abnormal signs
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with a literal translation into English by Dr. Henry
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result has been claimed for a certain plan of treatment
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ent circumstances the position seems made to suit the
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obliged to resort to frequent dressings. He thought
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since the list of bodies that act there is small indeed
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in its metaphysical physiological and pathological aspects.
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the stability of the foot. He had repeatedly noticed
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reported the following conclusions relative to the treat
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tics furnished by insurance companies in which it ap
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teen grammes of chloroform with 100 liters of air to
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the autopsies did not reveal tuberculosis in any part
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tumor with some difficulty withdrawn. In the absence
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some of them union of the wound took place by first
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succe.ssive contributions have added to what already
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that purulent endometritis could exist during pregnancy
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theria of the throat. In these cases they applied tur
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first have a definite understanding of the meaning of
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ening of the foot by about one inch. The calf of the
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ness are concerned cigarettes must be ranked as far
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extent to produce such severe symptoms would in all
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has donated a liberal sum for the building of an ele
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Injections into the peritonaeum and pleurae of rab
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infected this man during the latter days of the east
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and posterior sulci disappear and the perineum with
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in a loose pasteboard splint over which was applied
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tionalities in this country. In the examination of over
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symptoms as the periodicity of the attack in inter
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complaints of his patient by feeling his pulse and pulse
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rhage was profuse. After separating it as far as pos
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is empty. Chemical reasonsalso have their influence
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much can be effected by the aid of apparatus. Properly

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