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can be removed either as a whole or in pieces the liga
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ring during pregnancy. This disease subsequent to con
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rooms of the demonstrator and his assistants. Opposite
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per minute. Examination showed the presence of fluid
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In support of his views the annexed facts are brought
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and would like to call attention to the fact not men
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apparently normal. The attempt of Petit fils to classify
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tion of albuminoid food stuffs with four exceptions
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same occurs in hemicrania as is shown by facts lately
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ter into the bladder whether it exist on one or both
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be obtained of the leading pharmacists of this city. In
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are alive to the possibility that the curious arrangements
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tubercles and similar epithelial cells. Same structure
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terior wall of the cervix it is however invaginated
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bacteria into the organism of the puerpera and that
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minal cavities are perfectly formed. Its first teeth
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blue alkali blue 5 Bl were very slightly faded that
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surrounded with a pale or reddish areola which shows
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prevent this it colors that fluid yellow which is un
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upper edge on a level with the fourchette and the ends
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Koeberle show a mortality of 22 per cent. the former
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titious growth seems to have been left behind and it
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has no fixed connection and which does not undertake
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there are other forms differing in color reactions
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many years and sometimes at heavy cost a collection
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of aneurism in the descending thoracic aorta which pro
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ing for a tnne. The temperature of the affected portion
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years old died one hundred and fourteen hours after
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and statistics. Dr. Hunt of New Jersey reviewed the
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dorse the sentiments expressed by Dr. Smith more es
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to the injury sustained but most of the cases were of a
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side of the brain may produce blindness of the opposite
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clusively to infancy. It is characterized by muscular
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in consequence of its existence. It seemed to him a
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tinized as to orthography and composition the errors
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incurables would be happier in the enjoyment of ordi
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was adopted by the Medical Society of the State of
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province of Canada is variously known as the College
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could be suggested was that the solution of cocaine was
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was the fact that while there was ophthalmoplegia ex
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and in severe cases by the tincture of iodine chro
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Cleveland last year besides the other permanent mem
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porarily the profuse perspiration of the feet but causes
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of the lens with gradual and steadily increasing opac
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as at Laval University or by making the now optional
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On examination of the fluid it was found to possess
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movable over the end of the bone. In the last twenty
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she continued to sink after a short rally and died on
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pupils had become dilated the patient s face became
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into the eye with the cultivated bacilli of leprosy Similar in cujatjon
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the American Medical Association to be held at Washing
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into the air passages. She was very fretful and rest
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there is repletion of the veins and arteries tending to

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