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atropia is concerned has never seen the slightest dis
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strange for a priori Xhtrt seems every reason to expect
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washed out with a solution of carbolic acid i to 40 but
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ing the pressure of the ovum upon the os uteri during
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Medical Record The. Visiting List and Physicians Diary for
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more or less mechanical interference with the secre
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his future course and began his medical studies. In
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similate and without assimilation a mental indiges
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detected a calculus. An instrument had never before been
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This is an improvement over earlier forms of refrac
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the Association. What the la ws regulating the prac
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out credentials instead of what the officer doubtless
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cannot be interrupted by any less serious operation.
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He cherished an intense love for the Code of Ethics
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trachoma or granular lids. Jequirity is the name of
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nature of which he does not know to this day. In one
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Cooke H. P. Passed Ass t Surgeon to proceed to Charles
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are the work of the last thirty years. In the hands
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It is with heartfelt sorrow that we record the death of
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clots and the peculiar symptoms the lower clots being
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Paraplegia. Without deformity may be ascribed to Pott s Disease if
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are hard to turn upside down without admitting air
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such a phenomenon as ansesthesia artificially is a mar
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lapse this agent must also be administered with cau
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best adapted to the treatment of a large proportion of
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dency to strike outward. In reply to a question by Dr.
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portable arrangement of five layers of cotton fabric
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budding. The relations of the cytogenetic organs to
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timately knew Dr. Ellis who did not love and respect
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having been called for. Dr. Edwards announced the sud
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said that in cases of uterine myoma when remedial treat
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first class professor libre d accouchements for mid
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since and has of late grown into such favor that now
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opinion that the tumor was not aneurismal but was a
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port within the past forty eight hours and that the first
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defined but 1 have at times felt alarmed for the safety
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mastoid with a small bit similar to those used by Dr.
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first and a quarter of a grain every hour afterwards until
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and bring the denuded surfaces together by sutures
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brilliant operator but a cultured man of the world and
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centre to distribute the pressure more evenly over the
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Hamilton indicates this very strikingly for it shows
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is both great and extensive and its uses should be made
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at the meeting and that he would now call upon him to
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the specific disease as well probably as for the in
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sidering the question of prognosis in these cases. Dr.
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might assist us by their information and experience.
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method the patient cannot get away. An objection to
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one another. If the flexion be very marked this in
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United States Covernment for what is termed the need
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for the use of both parties before and after coition.
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lieved from duty in the Department of the East and to report
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they occupy by preference that portion of the cell
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has narrowed its calibre. Then again the uterine efforts
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gently and make himself generally understood. Would
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day the disease being the rare form of pupura vario
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if too much acid be added it will dissolve small traces
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shortly afterwards died from its effects. At the necropsy
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abdomen with decided resonance about the umbilicus.
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men coming from outside the country and for the ex
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pointed Passed Assistant Surgeon by the Secretary of the
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and clearness of style is given to French writers but
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and is ready at all hours to board vessels. A complete
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from its source than in any other guise. It satisfies
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To begin with the original seat of medical learning
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have been particularly instructive and interesting.
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clares it a delightful stimulant and states that no ap

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