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Hayden s treatise on the Diseases of the Heart. But
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sure the possibility of using a knife and pressure at
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has been performed for hydronephrosis at least three
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The latter could not leave unan.swered the objections
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tion of the drug a small quantity of brandy was given
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fibres and numerous tubercle bacilli. Animals inocu
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who cannot stand on their own legs who mistake cheap
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and local medical societies and institutions was made
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other way and even then he was not certain that the
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After considerable experience with evacuators of sev
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the womb imprisons the menstrual fluid which goes on
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with the excretions by individuals suffering from tu
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of the best of ancient descriptions of the qualifica
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cal ethics It is difficult to see however how such a
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tion of twenty to forty drops of the remedy several
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former I have shown to be valueless as those nodules
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covering their stable equilibrium. These causes must
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a suspension of this part of the treatment for a period
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general malaise high temperature and great prostra
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for several years malarial diseases become epidemic
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In the discussion which followed these remarks. Dr.
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the Original Committee of eight of the Original En
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promising for the collective investigations of the future.
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the tungstate solution because an excess of the tung
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tion to a plan for raising a medical aid fund to be
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Vincent J. La Fievre jaune epidemics de 1878 et de i88i au
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but I fear that results obtained for free ammonia by
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were two placenta of different sizes in the womb would
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practical purposes the quantity of the disinfecting
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aet. 58 who while suffering from uterine cancer went
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little water to pay the freight. So long as this is
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a longdistance and yet these are but the results of
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the vagina well syringed out with the same solution of
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and then could not set it. In the morning a doctor o
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while another grasped the left humerus above the elbow
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bacteria destroyed the deep seated tubercle bacilli
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in preference a week before the anticipated painful
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cient in breaking up a cold just as it is very beneficial
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by the Bureau of.A.nimal Industry has lead to the con
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insusceptible and do not take the disease even when
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to several filiform whalebone bougies but did not try a
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different parts of the body of Mrs. Riddle poisoned.
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by staining media and their pathogenic effects tested
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that the disease is checked in the same or even a shorter
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he had mentioned he is in the habit also of keeping up
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from a bacillus subtilis and vice versa. There is also
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operation as permitting more speedy use of the limb.

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