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When she came in there was a fluctuating tumor extend

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has a very marked projection of the dorsal spine and

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lieved from duty in the Department of the East and to report

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calcis. His own experience had been that this disease

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tack of diarrhcea and gradually disappearing. Care

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objection can be taken to it either from a theoretical or

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acute orchronic uraemia may be looked for at any time.

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physician at present in Vienna who stated that as a

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in their circulars and act contrary to the spirit of

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which it is necessary to prove in the affirmative before

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in those operated upon than in those not operated upon.

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She had never had a miscarriage. Some days after de

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Cholera Epidemic at Toulon 72 Graduates Medical in France 210

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discharge of its contents into the abdominal cavity

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shall at all times be entitled to attend the meetings

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drate. On these principles therefore the employment

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diplomas and free trade in this sense is synonymous

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drug. The seance should last about twenty minutes and

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night the finst intimation of labor being rupture of

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wiring of the patella the case already referred to but

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pathological changes in the spinal cord are directly

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and consistent throughout the paragraph if the word

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Robertson Reuben L. First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon

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did not begin to move about the hospital yard until

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active measures for the amelioration of the unfortu

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obstetrical societies are full of such instances who have

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so as to maintain a comity of rights and interests be

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tissues which I described can have no Eetiological re

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The latter remedy has been selected in order to lessen

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a special meeting of the Medical Society of the Dis

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exists is subdued. If the rim of the cervix is wiry

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and discontinued thereafter the entrance of children

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of gall stones but not so well as ether or boiling al

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puric spots the cutaneous base of which had resumed

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organ in the body shall be deemed suitable to surgical

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scientific progress criticism need not give offence. No

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side. All of these symptoms are increased just previous

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nephritis which might otherwise escape observation

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of administration led to his retirement. In 1873 he

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ing there might be a breech presentation and that in

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tioned a case in illustration of a gentleman who for a

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in a palliative light and thus allowed to spread be

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lish an effectual quarantine between Canada and New

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