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medical schools is of very recent origin and the num

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state the distension of the bladder produces an effect

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scribed without however surrendering the right which in

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use of the ligature to bleeding vessels as Dr. Gross or

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of it to night and it seems to have the advantage over

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it must be an apparent verity to the most obtuse that

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fine as aforesaid and by imprisonment for not less than thirty

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flexed wombs and for dilating and shortening the canal

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cases the power of extension is greatly damaged but

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the established precedent which at any rate has the

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pecial force on the walls of the pelvis the renal tis

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to the severity of the case before partaking of this

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ineffectually tried but certainly the latter operation

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having been reported by the late Dr. John R. Barton

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taint. They cannot always be diagnosed as such then

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rian cyst which had been tapped and had refilled seven

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delicate in reaction as to detect the presence of albu

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may be incised fatally on mistaking the eleventh for

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record shall also contain a description of such body

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fied and we see manifested double vision giddiness

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Berlin which is usually supposed to express ofificial

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ductive gland constitutes the initial point of irritation.

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one that is contracted by direct contact as tnal Fran

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in which he stated that during the present year the

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alteration either by the Committee of Arrangements or

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opening is distended to so great a magnitude at this

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dulge in excesses of a sexual nature as well as the

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the liver pass muster 2. Fatty cirrhotic livers the cir

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runs its course in a certain limited time presents a

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quently found active while the latter fail entirely a fact

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country. The next attempt was a much more ambitious

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the head of uterine heemostatics. It certainly is one

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culation it takes in this way a mixture of ten to four

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patients in the third stage who recovered one is well six

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Hospital service that a thorough inspection of all the

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ber of representative men he does it in this language

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referred to symptoms of the same kind from which he

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ailda half above the tip of the malleolus and extend

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ficient to account for all the peculiarities of the

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parents and children as well as in the public rela

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ties. The bladder and rectum are but little affected

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ing its cause or causes the reader is kindly referred to

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patients invariably regaining consciousness after their

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ture. Another physician was called in and the forceps

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many lives. But some of the antiseptic practices of a

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as many births or an average of 6 deaths and 6 births

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physicians or surgeons residing in other States and called in

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sp. gr. in quantity and reaction and I carefully ex

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the introduction of the bougies was increased to one

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