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action taken was the adoption of an order refusing to
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work although some of his conclusions as to its effect
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istrations bring him daily in contact with scenes of
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Dr. Pooley s discovery of a residual paresis of the other
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taken into consideration. For considerable periods at a
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patient than the operation of external perineal ureth
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vesicles were not easily accessible to irritants while
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egg albumen in distilled water and selecting as the
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this fungoid appearance. The man was given arsenic
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bubo is almost without significance in the diagnosis
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tion to appoint a committee to memorialize the Leg
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and establish an artificial anus. When laparotomy is
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for the delivery of the placenta was advised. After
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In one case arsenic did no good in the other its use
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frequent is possible and the new formation of glandular
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two or three months that he had a stricture who ac
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flaxseed meal poultice covered with oil silk. When the
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placed in or around the chiasms of the optic nerves.
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the endeavor to entice students by an expectation of
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had been used both as a prison and an almshouse. Its
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side the pulsations were synchronous with the arterial
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the order of their frequency intense neuralgic pain in
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for the Rekoss disks of the original instrument is re
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to any particular school of medicine or system of practice nor
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is to be noted is frequently a result of this affection.
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ing to it the chief factor in the production of cedema
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confined to fraudulent adulterations and adulterations
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the flood at the same time expressing his regrets at
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sputa may be considered a first attempt to distinguish
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new school until satisfied that its promoters had money
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graduate from a medical college of acknowledged re
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administered when from any cause the patient s con
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It would seem likely that the real state of the case is
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lished rate of charges under the pretense of issuing
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I cannot find a single case in all the books to which I
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tubercular and what is not we find that catarrhal and
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folly of it is too evident to need remark and we can
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The work has been written by one whose opportunities
an injury upon the profession of this country which is
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terminated its labors on the 30th of August by a visit to
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The heart beat is heavy and forcible. Upon compress
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a preliminary meeting was held at which a constitution
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confirmed my diagnosis and thought it a typical case
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narcotic and poisonous substances upon life health
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Wlien the base of the obelisk was being placed in posi
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OS and also the ovaries. At the end of the first week
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Stephenson William First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon
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tended while behind the sternal notch the expansile
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the local application of cold he takes a plaster of
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cause is unsupported by facts from a study of cases.
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may close it. He cited a case of this kind where the

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