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greeable odor. He has also used in chronic seborrhoea

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and again restored. If the third nerve were involved

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the description of which translated from the French

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We cite the important points of the first case pre

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a.ssisted by the rest afforded by emulsionized oil.

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cities to fill the places. When there are many it is

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the employes but by a large number of citizens able

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exhibited it consisting of two rods of untempered steel

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intercostal space twice at different points but without

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characterizes it elsewhere. He finds in the superficial

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the head and also of some soreness of the e.xtremi

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a bacillus or not since the result tuberculosis fol

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of the American Medical Association since its forma

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would warrant a persevering trial of a comparatively

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before the operation can be considered as successful

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the pancreas from a number of cases of diabetes but

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diagnosis and the relief of disease would all find a

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The pus basin the irrigator and the dressing forceps

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munications in regard to editorial work should be addressed to the Editor.

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signed. When neither is accessible remittances may be made at the risk

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physiology lecturing private tuition and writing and

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of what constitutes lowered or increased tone of a gan

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flex. Instead therefore of directing our treatment to the

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municating with a bronchial tube the lung being filled

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found in the market is about the size of a crow quill.

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cavity in respect to the antiseptic precautions occupies

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by many specialists namely that such operations should

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the uterus and relieve the hyperemia and hyperesthesia

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devised by himself which so far as he was aware had

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not organize Sections so as to secure successful work

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peritoneal cavity. This care is exercised throughout

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the present local disease and induration. The sheath

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sulphuric ether and alcohol with ten grains of thy

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Hodge s trocar. The contents were so thick that they

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ulcerous colitis and on post mortem examination the

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So far as the writer has been able to discover there

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upon it for he must have known that if it was prop

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an obtuse angle with the body the hips projecting to

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scrotal wound closed with catgut sutures. There was

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or scrofulous history. The products of these inflam

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tunity to be heard in regard to the action of the Ju

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